Tuesday, September 11, 2012

CARDAMOM in this region

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Cardamom is a one of the main crop which is cultivated in RONGO,TODEY and concern area.this cash crops is cultivated in personal level.From September to November the farmers harvest  the cardamom .

MOUNTAIN VIEW from Rongo,Dalgaon

                                                        Mountain view of Bhutan pick from Dalgaon view point.You can enjoy it from mid October to mid February.This pick  join the kanchanzonga and nathula pick


DALGAON (Rongo) and its surrounding villages are hidden places where you can find the simple way of village life.Specially  Dlagaon(Rongo) is a Government medicine Plantation where the main crops is   epicace(which call as Green Gold ),cinchona (raw materials from which a medicine of malaria is made) ,dayiscoria(a raw materials from which a medicine of family planning is made) are cultivated.In the personal level the local farmers cultivated the   cardamom Brooms and other medicine plants.You may visit the plantation to see how the people of this region work and grow this medicine plants.
There are many view points.Specially A VIEW POINT from where you can watch bhutan and himalaya range,jaldhaka river,and plains of Jalpaiguri of west bengal.
In the North side of this place there are most virgin Forest area link with Nathula range.
You can do trekking   to its sorrounding villages viz.Gairibas,Rongo,Samsing,Kumai Tea State,Bindoo hydel project,Jaldaka hydel project and Bhutan  boarders etc.
There are provision of TWO days long trecking to Racheala of sikkim,bhutan and westbengal Boarders.WHERE you can watch different kinds of birds,red panda and verities of  wild ORCHIDS.
On demand of visiters local youth may arrange traditional Nepali,Sherpa,Tamang,Lepcha and Bhutia dances.